How much does it cost to get a Used Car Dealer License in Texas? 


If you are considering opening your own Auto Dealership in Texas, there are several steps that you will have to go through before opening. These steps are in place by the Department of Motor Vehicles are in place to ensure that every Car Dealer in the State have completed the same steps.

As with opening any type of business, opening your own dealership can become a very long drawn out process. Knowing where to start is the key to cutting down some of the hurdles that you may encounter. Using the eLicensing User Guide will walk you through the process of applying for your Dealers License.

A Dealer License typically runs about $700 with a fee of $90 per Dealer Plate.

The second requirement that the Department of Motor Vehicles requires every dealer to have is a Motor Vehicle Surety Bond. Valuesure is here to make your bonding process as simple as possible.

To help you navigate the bond buying process, click on the Bond Application Checklist to help you along the way. Our Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond are rated on a scale, partially based on credit.



We strive to provide a rate for any type of credit.

Click here to start the bonding process or call one of our Bonding Specialists at 1-855-252-9660.